Systemized approach to make any project big or small go as smoothly as humanly possible.

Setting every project up for success with a proper project management. Let's get this done in organized and professional manner so your project can be deliver on time and as expected.

1. Introduction FREE

First, let’s get on the same page about what exactly you need and want. We can meet through various means, whichever you prefer best:

When scheduling a call, please prepare everything you think is important for me to know so I can propose a service that fits your exact needs. We can discuss various options, budget and specifications. I’ll be taking notes during the introduction, but if at all possible send me any materials you may have in advance via email, links or any other means at your disposal.

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2. Assessment FREE

From my notes, and any materials you have sent over I’ll begin the assessment, conduct any necessary research and compose a project proposal. I’ll do my best to be as detailed as possible and outline every part of the project as discussed.

You will receive the proposal within couple of days. Included in your assessment is a scope of work and a project estimate. The scope of work will outline relevant project details that reflect the rough estimate. Depending on the size and complexity of your project the scope of work and estimate will evolve as we continue the talks and refine the details.

3. Workshop

By far the most important step of any project. We'll need to work together to establish all critical aspects of your project, define a timeline, specify deliverables and agree on procedures of the project. But don't worry, I'll guide you through this and assist every step of the way as needed.

Based on these documents I’ll continue to build further concepts and revise the project proposal as needed. When you are happy with it, we will review the proposal once again and execute a contract to put your project in motion. From here on, I handle everything as outlined in the scope of work.

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4. Development

I'll begin development of the project per project proposal. You’ll receive regular updates on the progress of your project, so you know exactly how it’s going.

Upon the conclusion of the development I’ll notify you immediately. We will schedule a follow up meeting to finalize the project.

5. Review

During this step I’ll guide you through the product I’ve developed, showcase every specifications as outlined in project proposal and scope of work. Any issues or errors contradictory to scope of work found during this review will be addressed and resolved immediately.

You’ll also have up 7 days after the review to go through the project yourself and make sure everything is as you expected.

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6. Launch

Upon your approval, and completion of our due diligence - I’ll deliver your project per our agreement. Time to kickback, relax and watch it launch.